BOSS & Designer

I previously worked for a tech company, but in December 2017, I quit my job and started my own company selling my favorite kimonos.

Why are kimonos so beautiful? You can't resist once you try one on. The charms of the kimono comes from the way it makes you feel special.

However, traditional kimonos are very difficult to wear.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could wrap yourself up with a beautiful kimono and relax at the end of a long day?

So I designed these new kimono dress robes based on customer feedback so that women all over the world can enjoy luxurious kimonos.

When you put on a kimono, your heart shines like a rainbow and you can feel the feminine strength inside of you.

In this era of a world without borders where we are digitally connected, your happiness spreads instantly and travels around the globe.

Let's spread your color of happiness to the world together!

Company name:
KIMONOdressjapan Co.,Ltd.
founder and designer:
Sachiko Mitsumura
We sell Japanese Oriental costumes kimono. I will also introduce Japanese lifestyle along with kimono.
Kimono is the source of happiness.